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 Leasing Options for Used Vehicles 

Capitalize on Market Trends

Think outside the box – get in on the future of car leasing by investing in a company that’s built on proven success & revenue growth.

Why were Uber and Lyft so popular?

  • Convenience
  • No long-term commitment
  • Affordability

Usage of these services has dropped during the pandemic, so… what’s next? Leasing options for used vehicles.

For customers who want to lease, new cars have historically been the only option. But does that meet the needs of every driver? Absolutely not. We’ve created an alternative option to meet customers, dealers, and lenders’ needs: Affordable leasing option for used vehicles.

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“Used-vehicle leasing could solve inventory management and consumer affordability issues. It allows automakers to double-dip, get that spiff off the back end, and sell a car twice.”

– Jeremy Acevedo, Edmunds Manager of Industry Analysis

Why Invest Now?

For the first time in the history of car leasing, Apex provides a solution that helps dealers with indirect and used vehicle options for their customers. We give our partners a wider range of options to help customers find the perfect cars & for dealers to source and sell inventory, and to lease cars to the same customers — over and over again.

Join the movement ~ Get in now to maximize returns.

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Discover a Savvier Commitment

Customers want the freedom to choose short-term commitments and better financing options. We provide an option between traditional financing & beyond an extended car rental.

Why the used vehicle leasing model works for customers:

  • Lowers payments
  • Enables small company fleets
  • Provides broad-spectrum leasing
  • Allows shoppers entry into ownership

Why the used vehicle leasing model works for dealers:

  • Creates a new sales avenue
  • Grows repeat customer business
  • Optimizes inventory
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A Win-Win Business Model ~ Gaining Momentum

There’s an enormous opportunity for investors as the used car leasing industry gains momentum.

We’re currently seeking investors to partner with as we drive this innovative business forward. Our business thrives on strong relationships — including those with our equity investors, debt investors, creditors, and other financial partners.

Join us as we focus on growing market trends and the changing landscape of drivers’ wants and needs. With our proven formula, we’re looking at exponential growth in new leases per year by 2025.

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