Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a payoff quote?
Contact us at (770) 406-8680 or email

Where do I mail payoff checks?
Payoff checks can be sent by standard delivery to Apex Auto Lending, 201 Dahlonega Street Ste #201, Cumming GA 30040.

I recently paid off my loan. When will I receive my title?
The certificate of title or lien satisfied is sent to the authorized party (person or entity who paid off the loan) in accordance with state-specific regulations after the payoff has been posted to your account and the account is paid in full.

My temporary tag from the dealer has expired. What do I do?
You will need to call the dealership where you purchased your vehicle to see if your paperwork has been processed with the state. Each state and dealership have a different timeline for processing this request.


What is the eAutoPayment account?
eAutoPayment is a secure online portal that gives you 24/7 access to your Apex Auto Lending account. Using a computer, tablet, or mobile device, you can login anytime and make payments, set up email, securely email Customer Service, and more. If you don’t have an account login yet, Register here.

Does E-AutoPayment work on smartphones and tablets?
Yes if you have Internet access. Once you register your account, you can use the same login credentials to access E-AutoPayment on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

How do I get an E-AutoPayment login?  
It is easy. Simply go to and click Register New Account. It is as simple as entering your account or stock number, if you do not have that available, click “Skip This Step” and you will be asked to provide some basic account information that may be located on your Lease Agreement from the dealership:
Purchased Vehicle’s VIN or Account ID
Last Name
Last 4 of SSN or Street # of address
Birth Year (YYYY)
Email Address (used to log in)

Where can I find my Apex Auto Lending account number?

When I try to register my account online, I get an error message that says my account number, Social Security number, and/or ZIP code do not match what is on file. What do I do?
Contact us at (770) 406-8680 for assistance.

Can I make my User ID and Password anything I want?
For the security of your account, your User ID and Password must meet these minimum requirements: User ID will be your email address. Password must be more than 6 characters in length and must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number.

I forgot my User ID and/or Password. What do I do?
Follow these steps: 1. Navigate to 2. Click forgot password? 3. Enter your email address 4. Watch for an email with your User ID or temporary password.

Where can I get help with My E-AutoPayment account?
Call us at (770) 406-8680 if you need assistance.

Can I set up automatic payments using My E-AutoPayment account?
Yes. E-AutoPayment is the easiest way to set up monthly recurring payments. Here is how: 1. Log into E-AutoPayment. 2. Click Settings in the upper right-hand corner 3. Toggle the Red No to a Yes, to enable recurring payment. 4. Add a payment method. 5. Click Add New Payment Method 6. Click Submit.

What types of payments can I make using My E-AutoPayment account?
Your online payment options include: 1. One-time payments, using your Debit or Credit Card 2. Recurring payments every month, using your Debit or Credit Card. 3. Debit card payments.

Can I save my payment information in My E-AutoPayment account?
Yes. You can securely store your payment information in E-AutoPayment and use it for future payments.

When will my online payment be posted to my account?
Activity will post immediately to your Apex Auto Lending account, however it does not reflect on your account for 24 hours. Your bank may not debit the funds from your checking account for up to 48 hours. (Please call your bank for detailed information about posted payments).

How do I know if my online payment was received?
As soon as the payment is received, you will receive an email with a confirmation number listed on it.

Can I change my due date on my account?
Yes if your account qualifies for a due date change. Contact us at (770) 406-8680 to find out if your account qualifies.

Where should I send my payments?
Send your payment to: Apex Auto Lending, 201 Dahlonega Street Ste #201, Cumming, GA 30040.

What are other payment options?
Additional payment options include: 1. Debit/ATM Card: Log into E-AutoPayment. Click the green Make Payment button and follow the prompts. 2. Phone: Call (770) 406-8680 and speak with a Customer Service representative. (Restrictions may apply.)

I show my payment pending online, but I keep getting collection calls from Apex.
It is possible for there to be a brief period of time between payment and recognition of the payment within our systems, which could trigger a collection call. If this happens, tell the Customer Service representative that you have already paid, and your account will be handled appropriately.

What is the quickest way to make a payment?
Online, through E-AutoPayment. You have 24/7/365 access to your account with your
E-AutoPayment account. If you do not have a login, go to and register. It is easy and free. You can also make payments over the phone. Just call (770) 406-8680 and speak to a Customer Service representative Monday – Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM (EST).

Is there a fee to make a payment online?
Yes, there is a $2.00 convenience fee for each online one-time payment. If you set up for monthly reoccurring payments, there is no charge.

How do I handle an insurance claim due to physical damage?
Call (770) 406-8680 for assistance. Before you call, please have the following documents and information handy: a copy of your insurance estimates with the phone number (if available), fax number, adjuster’s name, date of loss, and police report.

I received an insurance check for repairs to my vehicle, but I need Apex Auto Lending to endorse the check. What do I do?
Make sure to sign the back of the check first, then mail it to Apex Auto Lending, 201 Dahlonega Street Ste #201, Cumming, GA 30040. We will also need the following documents before we endorse the check & mail it to the repair shop: a copy of your insurance estimates with the phone number, fax number, adjuster’s name, and date of loss; a copy of the auto body repair shop invoice; a copy of proof of payment receipt (if applicable); and pictures of the repaired vehicle (if applicable). You may also email these documents to Call (770) 406-8680 with questions.

Where do I send my insurance information?
To update or change your policy information, call (770) 406-8680. Mail insurance information/proof to: Apex Auto Lending, 201 Dahlonega Street Ste #201, Cumming, GA 30040. Email to

What are my insurance requirements?
You are required to maintain Insurance that includes comprehensive and collision coverage with a maximum deductible of $500 each. Liability for bodily injury or death of others in the amount of at least $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence; Liability for property damages to others in an amount of at least $50,000; and Collision and comprehensive (including fire and theft coverage) with a deductible of not more than $500 for each kind of coverage.

Where can Insurance companies’ overnight payment?
Apex Auto Lending, 201 Dahlonega Street Ste #201, Cumming, GA 30040

I received a letter from Apex Auto Lending, but I do not have an Apex account. What should I do?
If you recently applied for financing to purchase a car, the dealership may have presented your application to several finance companies, including Apex Auto Lending. We are obligated to send you the letter you received as a follow up. If you want additional information, please follow the instructions in the letter. If the letter references another topic, call (770) 406-8680 for assistance.

Can I refinance?
Yes, depending on the situation, when your lease term is complete. We have multiple solutions for our customers. Give us a call at (770) 406-8680 to learn more.

How do I request a name change on my account?
Submit two forms of identification that support the name change (e.g. driver’s license; marriage certificate; part of the divorce decree) and mail or email to the attention of Customer Service. Be sure to include your account number.
Mailing Address:
Apex Auto Lending LLC
201 Dahlonega Street, Ste 201
Cumming, GA 30040
Email address:

I think my debit card or bank account number was used fraudulently to make a payment. What can I do?
We work hard to keep your personal and financial information safe. Together, we can prevent your information from getting into the wrong hands. If you believe that an unauthorized person has accessed your account, call us immediately at (770) 406-8680.

Why did I receive a 1099-C?
The IRS requires us to file Form 1099-C, “Cancellation of Debt”, because we discharged a debt you owed of $600 or more. For more information contact the IRS or consult your tax advisor.

If I received a 1099-C, does this mean that I do not owe a balance on my account?
Not necessarily. Unless our contract with you specifically provides that we will not seek to recover a deficiency from you, the filing of the 1099-C simply reflects that Apex Auto Lending has discontinued any further collection activity on this account.

If I make a payment on my account will Apex Auto Lending send me a revised 1099-C?
No. Under applicable law Apex Auto Lending is not required to file a revised 1099-C. Please consult your tax advisor or the IRS to determine the effect of any subsequent payments on your tax liability relating to the discharge of this indebtedness.

I lost the 1099-C that was mailed to me. How can I request another copy of my 1099-C?
To request another copy please contact us at (770) 406-8680.

What should I do if my 1099-C does not have the correct information?
Please contact us at (770) 406-8680. Once we have supporting documentation, we will issue a revised 1099-C if necessary.

May I request a payment deferment?
Yes, to verify if your account is eligible, call (770) 406-8680.

Will the deferment have any impact on my account/contract?
Yes. The deferment of the payment(s) will impact your lease agreement. For example, if you are eligible for a deferment, the amount deferred would be due prior to the end of the lease agreement.

Who is responsible for insurance or GAP coverage?
The Buyer and Co-Buyer assume(s) full responsibility for extending such insurance and/or GAP coverage.

Can I get extended GAP Coverage?
Call us at (770) 406-8680 or email us at

Must I sign an agreement to get my deferment?

If I must sign a deferment when does it expire?
The deferment form delivered to you by Apex Auto Lending expires in ten (10) days from the Date of the Notice. If you do not return the signed contract before the end of the ten days, the deferment will not be processed.

I recently filed bankruptcy. What do I do next?
Contact us to let us know about your bankruptcy filing at (770) 406-8680.

I am currently in bankruptcy, but I want to make a payment. What do I do?
Contact us at (770) 406-8680.

What do I do if an Apex Auto Lending account holder has passed away?
We understand this is a difficult time and are sorry for your loss. If you are a spouse, family member or executor of the estate, please contact us at (770) 406-8680 so that we can discuss next steps.

What do I need to do to stop calls from being placed to my phone number(s)?
Please send a letter to: Apex Auto Lending 201 Dahlonega Street Ste #201 Cumming, GA 30040

When do you report to the credit bureaus?
We submit our reporting to Equifax at the beginning of each month.

How can I dispute my credit bureau report?
If you believe your credit bureau report contains errors from Apex Auto Lending, Please submit your dispute to Equifax via their website:

What do I do if I believe I am a victim of identity theft?
Contact us at (770) 406-8680.

What do I do if my vehicle has been impounded?
Contact us at (770) 406-8680.

What if my job requires me to move out of the country? How can I take my vehicle out of the country?
Contact us at (770) 406-8680.

What if my vehicle has been repossessed? What do I do?
Contact us to discuss your options at (770) 406-8680.